February 01, 2016

A creative direction

While I thrive when in creative collaboration, it can be an edgy proposition because I’ve been “burned”. Developers flaked, models failed to show up fully, photographers have been less than consistent in communicating… So when I had the opportunity to work again with Wes Wages on a video, I literally jumped up and down. Yes, yes, and more yes!


February 11, 2015

Mind your posture

One of the projects I fully engaged in, was the design and production of a gut renovation for our new home. Like any other client project the balance between what something costs and its value is paramount: Where do we invest more than we expected and where can we go more off-the-shelf? What contrast of high and low will raise everything up? I’m thinking specifically about the “more than expected” handmade pendant we chose for our living space. It’s loverly.


August 27, 2014

A Haiku, or Two

nothing new for me
bit off more than i can chew
the first taste is good


January 29, 2014

Better Buggy Bagg

Cute baby alert (again). This is the fourth website we’ve created for our client Blueberry Diapers. And while we love all our web babies, I think Buggy Bagg might be my favorite. She’s so smart. Like easy and adorable having the best playdate ever. Check it out for yourself, here.

October 17, 2013

A digital win

Call it nostalgia, kickin’ it old-skool or being a femme d’un certain age, but I prefer offset printing to digital. Which doesn’t mean I would universally recommend offset. Many different considerations determine which printing method I choose, such as desired quality, quantity, budget, timing, and size of the printed piece. But still—I dream of offset opportunities.


July 25, 2013

Pretty. Smart.

This project. OH this project. I could say so very much about Holli Thompson—the brand and the woman. So much so that I’m kinda at a loss for words. Kinda. And how about those veggies up there? Right?!

So pretty.


May 25, 2013


I love etymology. Experiencing a common word from my lexicon, and watching it unfold out of it’s narrowest understanding into a rich history of cultural meaning. Ahhh. Nerdy? Maybe. And absolutely an opportunity for Design schoolin’.


April 17, 2013

Design to drool over

What makes something a design triumph? There are a plethora of respected, annual design competitions—the one’s that can fill you with envy—that show a year’s best graphic design, and usually narrowly focused only on aesthetics. But there is only one heavy hitter annual who’s criteria considers how design creates value for clients.

THIS is one of THOSE projects that could be entered into THAT.


January 31, 2013


It’s wild to have been working with a client for almost a year and not, until now, had an opportunity to see and touch the work we have been creating together. That’s because the physical manifestation of our work is only now being produced. You can imagine how exciting it is to share this year-in-the-making post with you.


October 05, 2012


Architecture is informed by a confluence of ideas—it also informs and inspires other disciplines, organizations, policies, and individuals. Through its lecture series The University of Texas School of Architecture enlightens, engages, and enhances the community. This is our 8th collaboration with UTSoA.


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