When you work with Jennifer Elsner it’s like walking into a design temple-meets-think-tank-meets studio of possibilities. She considers design sacred, and she can take the lid off staid ideas and show you something new and pure. What’s more, is that next to her incredibly high standards, is an incredibly kind heart.
Danielle LaPorte
Author of The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map

I am simply Blown away by Viewers Like You. From the very first conversation, a true collaborative spirit was completely evident.

We spent weeks passing copy back and forth—it felt like pulling teeth the whole way. Then we emailed you, and within a matter of minutes (21, to be exact) you wrote back with content ideas we could only dream of coming up with.

Oh, and we loveddddd the numerology stuff… such good vibes. We’re down for $88 products, by the way

You are SO GOOD, Jen. Like whole-other-level-good. Our brains don’t think like yours. Thank you again, wise one.

Chelsea Fullerton Jones & Emma Brooks
Co-Creators of Hands-on!

Your language is so carefully crafted and breeds an inspiring culture of intention prior to even setting foot in the togetherness.

Great design adds dimension to my business.

You, Jennifer Elsner, are making who I am and what I do more alive and more beautiful in the two dimensional. You are knowing me enough to artistically take my essence and create visual, experiential and copy solutions that express my joy, my passion and my mission. Essentially. And as you do I am deepening into what I do. And, as a result, I am meeting the future that wants to emerge.

I sparked the conversation but together, through collaboration, I am evolving. We are evolving. The deeper I go, the deeper you go, the deeper the design goes, the deeper I go….

And around and around and around. What a miraculous experience.

Carrie Contey, PhD.
Personhood | Parenting | Partnership

The spark I’ve felt all day is due to you. Thank you! A handful of peeps, yourself included, push me to new levels and it is much appreciated.

Viewers Like You is a Willie Wonka-esque golden funnel of goodness. They have an uncanny talent for collecting seemingly disparate bits-o-detail and delivering back something original, something divine, something tasty.

Kelley Burrus
Event Consultant & Event Planner

Jennifer and I spent a little more than a year in fabulous collaboration. She was always right there with me, full of enthusiasm, ready with ideas for forward movement that were so perfect and succinct she blew me away again and again.

We picked Viewers Like You to create our brand’s identity because of their clean design style (in line with our own aesthetic taste), but what we didn’t know is how forward-thinking and deep they’d go for us. This experience was so much more than just design, but a holistic look at what we really needed to get clear about in our business vision as a whole.

They gave us all their resources, and I do mean ALL of their design-driven identity shop know-how, to go above and beyond the code of good service. Everything we needed from a good cracking of the whip to hot spots to visit in New York City, it was given. Ask and receive. Done!

I felt doted on and always wanted to stay longer than our meetings lasted. I didn’t want this ever to end! Does it have to? We love our new look and feel simply grounded having them as part of our support team. Thank you Viewers Like You!

Shannon & Keith Lowry
Motion-graphics for the Broadcast Market

One of the most striking distinctions of Viewers Like You is in what questions they ask and in how they are presented. There is no off-the-cuff, pull-it-out-of-you detail hunt. The collaborative process is a seemingly carefully orchestrated duet which honors tempo, style and output.

Working with Jennifer Elsner, and Viewers Like You, has undoubtedly been one of the most creative, exciting and empowering experiences of my career as a writer of literary fiction. Having never spent any time contemplating design, I had no idea what to expect. I assumed we’d create a site that was neat and professional, something that included a few samples of my writing. But from our very first discussion I realized something far greater was in store. The day she showed me what she’d created I started jumping up and down–literally–from sheer joy. She understood exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed. There was no question in my mind that Jennifer would be the visionary of choice for the continuation of my project, the publication of my first novel.

Provocation, thrill, artistry:  this is what you can expect working with Jennifer Elsner. Your day-to-day will shimmy with a vibrancy that only the best kind of collaboration can conjure. And the fact that you’ll end up with a website–or a logo or a book cover–that will make you swoon makes that collaboration so much sweeter.

Jennifer Hritz
Literary Novelist

Several times, I hung up the phone thinking, ‘Humm, I can’t believe I couldn’t communicate what I was trying to say until they asked me that particular way.’

I was literally in tears about my website design. Then, I called upon Jennifer and she got me from sobs to joy in one conversation. She is so good at what she does. She is on-point, articulate, and intuitive. As my Creative Director she took what I was saying and translated it to my designer so that I got what I wanted, on a great timeline, with everyone feeling good about it. I highly recommend Jennifer! You can’t live without her, and I don’t recommend trying.

Briana Borten
Manifesting Coach

Thank you so much. Seriously you are a gracious space holder, a fantastic diplomat and a bad ass task master. I am eternally grateful.

You are the woman who taught me everything must have a purpose… every space and mark. Thank you for your professionalism and being who you are.

Jen Spencer
Executive Coach

People! Jennifer Elsner is One brilliant, hard working, loyal, giant hearted, fun, funny, generous, determined, keep the ball rolling, delightful soul like no other. I’m have been beyond fortunate to had her influence and attention on my brand. You’ll be lucky to have her on your team too.

Dear goodness, Jennifer gets it. She’s not fluffy. There’s no theoretical poetic words that don’t really have actionable value. But she’s not tough love. She’s warm & witty & wise. She’s that mentor that’s going to give it to you straight, in a way that makes you realize you were sweetly selling yourself short, & it’s time to be unabashed in taking things to the next level. And she says it so simply that it suddenly seems effortless to jump right up to that next rung on the ladder & breathe in the crisp air up there. She’s the right girl to have on your team, that’s for sure.

Hilary Rushford
Style & Branding Consultant

Your creativity knows no bounds. I am grateful for the way you inspire me to be the best person I can be. Thank you for your dedication and openness—and helping me think big(ger).

It’s so hard to express my affection for your brain. Even your Facebook updates and comments are full of cultural references, high ideas, and inspiration. If I had only ONE person to consult about creative direction, design or branding, it would by you.

Christa Meola

The examples and resources you shared opened my eyes and propelled me forward. My website and business has been positively impacted with your direction.

There are no words! OMG. You are a genius. Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, forward thinking-ness and overall brilliance.

Jessica Zucker
Clinical Psychologist