August 27, 2014

A Haiku, or Two

nothing new for me
bit off more than i can chew
the first taste is good

sounded straightforward
a word and image per day
but, wow, was i wrong

{was i wrong?}

add a quote to each…
molehill into a mountain
Goethe to Shakespeare

yes, i can do this!
i always find my way through
yet, there’s a first time…

a silver lining
photography sets the stage
thank you Kate LeSueur

did i mention yet
three hundred and sixty five
felt impossible?

every word a prompt
to contemplate, or delight
to provoke, or please

every word a chance
to fall down another hole
of my own making

for a new platform
a year’s worth of blog fodder.
—design is a gift

for two hungry eyes
a years worth of sweet candy.
—beauty is a gift

there’s no other way
whole body into design
mind and spirit too

always in hindsight
synchronicity abounds
i get it, again

{i get it, again!}

at viewers like you
logic doesn’t always win
go feet first, and trust