February 01, 2016

A creative direction

While I thrive when in creative collaboration, it can be an edgy proposition because I’ve been “burned”. Developers flaked, models failed to show up fully, photographers have been less than consistent in communicating… So when I had the opportunity to work again with Wes Wages on a video, I literally jumped up and down. Yes, yes, and more yes!


May 25, 2013


I love etymology. Experiencing a common word from my lexicon, and watching it unfold out of it’s narrowest understanding into a rich history of cultural meaning. Ahhh. Nerdy? Maybe. And absolutely an opportunity for Design schoolin’.


May 17, 2013


What began as a designer-y evening out, to see a documentary about geeky sign painters, turned into a call to arms. “Sign Painters” was chock-full of living examples of how any business should and can be run—and reawakened the zealot in me to go against industry same-ol’ same-ol’. Although not the intention of the filmmaker, throughout the film I was reminded to undertake the most radical stance a designer can take: standing with craft, integrity and creative authorship as the carriage to personal and client satisfaction. This flick is not just for designers, tattoo artists, or typographers… all entrepreneurs need to watch this. AND it should be required viewing for anyone who is/was/will ever be on the receiving end of design.

Now go. See if its showing in your city here.


November 28, 2012

The Design Concierge

I am not really sure what inspired me to do so, but last week I set up a business Pinterest page. I created a few boards by categorizing examples from our portfolio. Easy stuff. You can check it out here. But first, stick with me a bit longer because this post isn’t about that.


October 18, 2011

What do you do?

Today, I’m packing for an event/workshop/retreat. You see, I am not really sure what category it falls under. But I do know it will rock my world, despite the requirement to wear a badge. One is always (not asked, or given an option) to wear a badge at this sort of thing.

I hate wearing badges.