October 18, 2011

What do you do?

Today, I’m packing for an event/workshop/retreat. You see, I am not really sure what category it falls under. But I do know it will rock my world, despite the requirement to wear a badge. One is always (not asked, or given an option) to wear a badge at this sort of thing.

I hate wearing badges.

Always have.

When offered a sticker, pre-printed or D.I.Y., Sharpie nearby, I place it NOT near my heart, but more like at hip-level. See me, not my name tag! And what about the more high-end versions that come with a lanyard to hang around your neck? A noose. Okay, a bit dramatic, but you know that scanning a room of branded badge wearers is not a sound formula for engagement.

And yet, I know that these small conventions intend to create connection and conversation, act as a gateway to schmooze. But really, as I see it, it’s an empty promise.

The de rigeur question at these sort of things: “So, what do you do?”, while inching closer towards the end goal, still leaves me feeling bankrupt. You see, when a Graphic Designer lives not (necessarily) in the realm of creating artifacts but (absolutely) in the arena of consequences, no matter how finessed your elevator pitch is, the die is cast to package you into a bite-size morsel.

And nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Like our clients, we don’t (primarily) want to be understood in the most expected way. Our clients, like us, want to be known trulymadlydeeply for their unique offerings. And to be able to communicate this I require more than the launch pad of “I am a Graphic Designer”.

So I gave it a whirl:

Our studio, Viewers Like You, works with a small coterie of clients who believe that Design DOES makes a difference, not only in how they look to the world, but how they engage IN the world.

And then there is this one:

As Designers, Viewers Like You knows that by creating an intimate relationship between ourselves and our clients we arrive at the intersection where transformation in business and life occur.

Or how about this mouthful:

We work with clients willing to engage in an intimate, long-term relationship where we begin to recognize the dynamic nature of problem spaces and then design opportunities. Viewers Like You creates Design offerings, as opposed to solutions.


While oh so true, talk about shutting down a conversation.

So for this weekend, I will continue to try on many different appraoches and see what sticks. I’ll improvise and use the uncatagorizable event/workshop/retreat as my laboratory. Those cards up there should help me along the way.


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Image: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)