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July 27, 2017

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Austin is our home base*, and what lucky ducks we are. When we moved here from Brooklyn we felt like we hit the jackpot! 7+ years later, we still do. Austin is a wonderful place to live, work and play. I bet you’ve heard that before. If you never been, you MUST come. And do let us show you around. Really!

But we also revel in Wanderlust. David, Chelsea and I are always checking out new cities and have big ol’ digital dossiers of places to go/see/do around the globe. (Including Paris!)

When the road opens up west of the Hill Country, where 290 become I-10, so does my heart. When we land at JFK’s terminal 5, Muji welcomes us to stock up on chic & smart note pads and pens. And boy-o-boy is the pull of the west coast strong. I la la love L.A. While the glam-celebrity culture looms large, I am starry-eyed for signage that is delightfully stuck in another era and a used car dealership that is specifically in service to 1970s Broncos.

We are delighted to share some of our current favorites.

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* Okay, so we moved to Richmond, Virginia. The transition is still so fresh, that our hearts remain solidly tethered to our beloved ATX. Making updating this page bittersweet. But we can tell, already, RVA is a pretty cool town too. As you see, we’ve included some it’s charms and our favorite places above.

The first paragraph? She will be re-written soon. Soon.

You can’t rush these things.