July 14, 2024

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Richmond, VA is our home base. We moved here from Brooklyn, via Austin, and are psyched to be back on the east coast — with all the gems that density provides. Now, when we road trip, in 10 hours we can cover 6 states and be in New England. The same in Texas, gets you to someplace else in Texas. Which in itself has its own charm, but again, I’m reveling in density. I bet you’ve heard that Richmond’s a great town. If you never been, you MUST come. And do let us show you around. Really!

But we also revel in Wanderlust. David and I are always checking out new cities and have big ol’ digital dossiers of places to go/see/do around the globe. (Including Paris!)

When the road opens up west of Texas Hill Country, where 290 become I-10, so does my heart. When we land at JFK’s terminal 5, Muji welcomes us to stock up on chic & smart note pads and pens. And boy-o-boy is the pull of the west coast strong. I la la love L.A. While the glam-celebrity culture looms large, I am starry-eyed for signage that is delightfully stuck in another era and a used car dealership that is specifically in service to 1970s Broncos.

We are delighted to share some of our current* favorites.

Find us here, there, everywhere:

* Okay, so fast forward 4 years and some of our favs on this list are no longer. Axe in LA has been gone for a bit now, and Franny’s in Brooklyn closed this summer. But it’s amazing how many listed stand the test of time. Still some of our tippy tops.