May 24, 2011

Oh, la la!

A year ago I took a long weekend to fill up via Paris’ charms. For this visit I determined only ONE thing to experience daily, the rest would unfold in its own way, en pied. Walking walking walking. That was my modus operandi.

On a late night walk after dinner, it was myself and another duo sauntering down a desolate Rue Saint-Benoît. Even from behind, the two men had an air about them. And no wonder. As me and my quick New York clip gained on them, into greater focus comes this shock of white hair atop a lean, black silhouette. It could be no other than the Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld.

So fun! And his companion, so handsome. The image above is from The Selby and is of Lagerfeld’s library. Love it.

Paris has been on my mind lately, I’ve been longing to return. During the sublime documentary Bill Cunningham New York, the filmmakers follow the man who inspired the film to Paris, where he’s covering the Shows. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, devouring all I could, when Mr. Cunningham mentions that he requires a trip to Paris every six months “to retrain the eye”. SOLD!

This Fall Viewers Like You is taking some clients to Paris, to retrain the eye. Let us know if you want to come with. Really! Or, if you are so inspired to cross the pond solo, I offer my latest, über-pared down, must dos when in the city of light. PLUS the below inspires much time on foot, as many of the arrondissements are covered.

Au Marché (Flea Market) Puces Vanves rue Marc Sangnier & Georges Lafenstre / 14 eme

Les Fleurs Odorantes 9, rue Madame  / 6eme

Architecture & Musée Institut du Monde Arabe 1, rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard / 5eme

Faire du Shopping Merci, 111 Beaumarchais / 3eme

Petite Dejunier (Baguette) Jean-Nöel Julien 75, rue Saint-Honoré / 1eme

Le Café (Cafe au Lait) Merce and the Muse 1, rue Dupuis / 3eme

Dejeuner (Soba) Yen 22, Rue St-Benoît / 6eme

Diner (Lamb & Prune Tagine) Restaurant 404 69, rue des Gravilliers / 3eme

Sucre (Napoleon Caramel) Laudree 21, rue Bonaparte / 7eme

Le Yoga (Anusara) Rasa Yoga 21, rue Saint Jaques / 5 eme