August 12, 2010

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One thing about our studio, it doesn’t take much to spark the age-old debate of artist vs. designer. Or more specifically, the discussion about how designers are not artists … or are they?

Personally, I have no problem identifying as an artist and seeing design as art. David however gets itchy when I go “there.” Design is not simply self-expression, he’ll say.

But what happens when you throw James Victore into the conversation? Victore’s monograph just came out and we leapt at the opportunity to add it to our library. We both are fans of his body of work. HE HIMSELF identifies as a designer and not an artist. In the introduction he says, “I strive for one thing in my work: to make it personal.” He continues, “I believe that, as a graphic designer, if you do a good job of telling your own story, putting your experience, your knowledge, and your life into your work, it will resonate with your audience.” Sounds like an artist to me. The work feels like art too.

See for yourself:

Get this book. Victore will not disappoint, from the book jacket that doubles as one of his signature posters, to almost 500 pages of full bleed black, with type knocked-out to white. Even the exposed edge of the book block is “gilded” in glossy black!

Want in on the conversation? The debate goes on at VLY. Stop by anytime!


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