March 06, 2013

Twitter is magic

Couch surfing, a la Airbnb or through more grass-roots sourcing, freaks some people out. It takes a leap of faith (in humanity) to rent a room from a stranger. I get the pause. So did performer Amanda Palmer, who at the most inopportune time—the moment after she rang the doorbell of a fan who offered their place as a crash pad—wondered “Is this what stupid people do? Is this how stupid people die?”

In her recent 2013 TED talk, Amanda Palmer makes lets us understand her truth:

“Couch Surfing and Crowd Surfing… You are falling (into the audience) and trusting each other.”

“It’s about a few people loving you up close, and about those people being enough.”

“The perfect tools aren’t going to help us, if we can’t face each other and give/receive fearlessly. And more importantly, to ask without shame.”

Ms. Palmer’s message is a beacon for Viewers Like You. Our 5-Pillar Approach, including radical trust and mutual respect, sets the stage for us to freely create. And it seems like it works for her too.

See for yourself, here.