November 05, 2011

The Source

While Chelsea’s, David’s and my days are designed around a beautifully choreographed routine, amazingly enough we always discover unexpected things. Things realized are about ourselves, or the world, and are often shared casually/declaratively/urgently. Often they are things we’ve never known about, although YOU may have known for-eva.

Or maybe not.

Personally, I have noticed that they almost all circle ’round incorporating “the best ingredients and great execution.” That is The Source. And while I took liberties with that quote—it should be attributed to Rick Mast speaking about his passion—I feel it speaks succinctly to how we at Viewers Like You feel about Design. Why we are obsessed with, dedicated to and befriend the big D.

The amazing things I discovered recently, number…

1. Cocao Nibs
Which one of you has been holding out on me?! Never mind, because I got to spend time a whole afternoon trolling (and eating through) Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Sue Ann Gleason, Nutrition Coach, and she opened me up to the beautiful, bitter yet creamy and lemony world of cacao nibs. For the uninitiated, cacao nibs are roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small bits. They are the essence of chocolate. And, as far as I’m concerned, they taste like a well crafted shot of espresso. My first sample was the penultimate, Mast Brothers Nibs, purchased at the mothership, their factory on North 3rd Street. Thankfully, Mast Brothers ships. And VLY clients, sit on the edge of your seats, because you can expect a bag of Mast Brothers Nibs this holiday season.

2. Muji Socks
I had to grab a few pairs as I forgot–after a particularly long and brutal summer, how cold 60 degrees feels–but was rudely reminded at JFK, Terminal 5, that I wasn’t in Kansas Austin anymore. Adorable pin dots and simple stripes in navy and ivory and surprise! So soft! For real. Top it off with being THE perfect height, 2″ above my ankle bone, allowing me to achieve the proper peek-a-boo above my new Madewell booties.

3. Clare Vivier
Gah. Where have I been? This is dangerous territory. It’s as if someone has been nestled in my mind and created a line based on my form and function fantasies. I mean Vivier goes so far as to have her studio/workshop, located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A., ALSO function as retail space. I guess she could be located in Abbot Kinney, but I’ll slum it in Silver Lake. I’ll suffer and swoon.

4. Downton Abbey
The benefit of not having a television and being behind the times on many things television (late to Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Freaks & Geeks and The Wire) is bingeing on multiple seasons, 2-4 episodes at a time. I devoured Downton Abbey in three evenings. And now I sit lost, awaiting Summer 2012 when season two is slated to return. I never knew how much affection I had for the fashion of early 20th Century England. And how now I am getting my fix trolling John Singer Sargent books.

5. Beyonce
In 2000 I spent a month in Paris and it was there I discovered Destiny’s Child via the song “Say My Name.” I think I was late to the game back then too, but c’est la vie. I haven’t kept up with Beyonce but “Single Ladies” did make an impression (gulp) last year. Yup, behind the times again. However this video was passed to me this week and I am IN LOVE with her. Who knew?! I bet y’all did.

6. My Why
I was at that thing last week and one of the speakers was Simon Sinek. I’ve seen his TED talk before, so it would’ve been easy to tune out a little. However his assertion that what all strong brands share with their clients is not what they do, but why they do it, took foot more securely in person. And while we’ve applied this thinking with our clients, I never asked the question of myself. It took a week to get there, but I’ve arrived. I Design to satisfy curiosity and need. I Design to delight…myself and you. I am a Designer to feel useful and of service. Design is my guru. Addressing a need in beautiful and effective ways makes me happy and gives my life form. PLUS there is a whole lotta need for good design out there. And that’s another “why.”

…The best ingredients and great execution.

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