November 14, 2011

So quiet

Sunday Night Blues are commonplace, so I hear, but not for me. I actually love Mondays. Weekends are sweet, but I feel the same about going to work. Beyond my affection for the particulars (the kind of work I do and the clients we collaborate with), I admit, it’s helpful that my commute is 100 yards from my home, in my backyard, and I arrive at a light-drenched studio that David built by hand. And at 9am Chelsea Fullerton arrives in all her absolute awesomeness.

But not today. Or this entire week.

Chelsea is in Atlanta attending Bri Emery and Max Wanger’s “Feet First + BlogShop”. This event is 2 workshops in one, where professional photographers like Chelsea are schooled on new ideas, philosophies and techniques for how to shoot, and how to use Photoshop to make those images extra ta-da! If THAT wasn’t enough, Bri holds the most fun, spirited workshops imaginable. Chelsea is here, and animated it looks a little more like this–or something really similar to it.

So I am jealous, wistful and missing her hard this Monday morning. Already.

Upon her return next week I can only image what a Design Love Fest the studio will be. We’ll be giddy drunk talking about thrifting and eating in Atlanta, design and image oomph-pah-pah, AND the all important show and tell, cause the schwag at Blogshop is killer. We’ll also begin to put to practice the infusion of Max and Bri, filtered through Chelsea, to Viewers Like You’s work. Next up? A handbag and accessory designer, a municipal sustainability office, a LA psychologist and NY public relations maven.

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Image: Angela Kohler,