September 19, 2011

Show & Tell

Who? Kelley Burrus — Event Planner

Why are we in Kelley’s bag? Kelley is the most vibrant, original and effective person we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her creativity is flourished with bottomless generosity, while her vision is complimented by adriot resourcefulness. Plus, she has a true respect and understanding for Design. Not many would describe a Standards Manual we created as “Design you want to French Kiss!” LOVE IT! She gives great hugs, has killer style and pulls the car over to make phone calls.

Join us for Show & Tell!

1. Silk Tie by Coach I tend toward very classic lines and materials for my bags, but they MUST have an element of “quirk.” Coach had to know I am not the only one who feels this way as their seasonal silk ties allow for me to personalize and bring whimsy to an otherwise, simply elegant bag.

2. Kate Spade Sunglasses She delivers the epitome of quality…every single time. When the sales lady LET ME CHOOSE my case, pink or green, it was a done deal. Perhaps it’s the Piscean in me, but the turquoise/green family claimed me long ago and it’s the palette scope where I feel most at peace.

3. Trumpet Charm As a brand-new empty-nester, of an adored only child, I have found myself carrying around this talismen to remind me of him and the things he loves. While the contents have changed over the years—from army men and legos to concert tickets and passports—I’m not quite ready to release the role my handbag has held for 18 years as the “keeper-of-the-bits.”

4. Justin’s Almond Butter A new obsession of mine. I keep them with me at all times as a source of quick protein at my desk, out and about, or on-site. My days never look the same and I know myself well enough to know that if I get past the point of hungry, my grumpy level goes up considerably. That’s just not the way I want to exist in this world.

5. Zig’s EK Success Pen While I also use various other colors for mind-mapping, I only write thank you notes in brown ink. It’s just a kinder, gentler color of expression. Plus, the color is called Chocolate. Enough said.

6. La Condesa Matchbook  One of my favorite places to bring groups up to 20 people. A little known secret is their underground dining vault with farm-to-table family style service. I’m there a lot, so these matchbooks tend to be a staple in my handbag. Also, how can you NOT be charmed by the Lucre Libre mask design on it’s interior?!

7. Canon 5D Manual While I am a far way from becoming a pro photographer, documenting experiences is one of my great loves. Earlier this year I promised myself a great camera body and several divine lenses if I closed a large account I pitched. The hour the contract signed, I went directly to purchase it. The purchasing was the easy part…the manual is great company for downtime.

8. Hand-Sewn Camera Case I often need to document venue space, design details, great signage ideas. For this reason, I keep a Canon point-and-shoot camera in my handbag at all times. I like the greater flexibility of this type of camera over my phone but I wasn’t about to carry it around in a generic black nylon case. No problem! I just reclaimed a smidge of vintage fabric, fused it with heavy duty canvas and hand stitched some silk ribbon to make it mine, all mine.

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Image: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)