August 07, 2012

Show & Tell

Who? Shannon Lowrey — Producer

Why are we in Shannon’s bag? I’ve been archiving this month, looking back at our portfolio of work recently, and revisited one of our most favorite websites designed. It is no wonder we created it with/for one of our most favorite people. I already waxed poetic on Shannon here, and invite you to learn more about a gal who mixes exceptional taste with an approachable ease.

Join us for Show & Tell!

1. My bag  Scored from my favorite store Spartan.

2. Library & Lego VIP card Love me some books—and my boys, their Legos points.

3. Sunglasses They magically washed up on the beach in LA. They were perfect, alas, nothing lasts forever. I can’t bare to part with them just yet.

4. OCDC business cards I love whipping these babies out. Designed by the beautiful Viewers Like You!

5. Fresh Sugar lip balm The bomb. A sheer plum color and SPF 15. It smells so yum too—you’ll want to eat it. Pssst! In a pinch this great on your cheeks too.

6. Receipt from the MOMA Memories of an early evening drink and bite with Keith at The Modern, NYC. Can’t beat it.

7. Delfonics pens My favorite—and yours too it seems! These were a gift from Currie Person, owner of Spartan. Maybe I shop there to much?

8. Photo booth strip Keith and my boys, just like I like them, all snuggled up.