October 01, 2011

Thoroughly Charmed

A common reaction folks have after hearing David and I are married and work together is “Oh I could NEVER spend that much time with my spouse. We’d kill each other.”

That sentiment always shoots me back 10+ years, to the time when David and I almost killed each other worked in a shared studio space in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. We struggled, regretfully publicly, to find our flow. It was often hard to be relating with my boyfriend, then husband, 24/7. But then again, we were fully exposing ourselves to each other, daily. That sometimes raw ugliness allowed for us to build a crazy trust and deep respect for one another. Plus we created customized collaboration habits that continue to serve us, and our clients.

When Keith and Shannon Lowry engaged the studio for their post-post house, design-driven motion graphics company, we felt we had more to offer than logo and website design. We saw a lot of ourselves in them.

Excited by discovering so many overlaps in our lives–from the color of our homes (and doors!)– to digging in our bags and pulling out matching, almost-impossible-to-source-outside-of-Japan pens), we also clearly saw what underscored their vision in an intimate way. We knew their marital status would greatly effect our work together AND their business dynamic. And while including the personal into our process is a given, for Keith and Shannon it was the only way to go.

From our kick-off meeting, their honesty about what they wanted to add to their work-life, and what had to go, created a pixel-perfect clarity that informed the many aspects of their anything-but-standard start-up. Additionally, as designers themselves, they were invested in being very good clients. Beyond their mad communication skills, they also stepped back the perfect distance to allow us to fully wow them. Good clients create good design.

Observe. Collect. Design. Charm.

OCDC’s acronym is the perfect description of not only what they offer as a studio, but of how they worked with us. ‘Charm’ is the understatement of the year. And I’d add “T” if it didn’t mess up the rock-n-roll meets obsessive compulsive name…T for Talent. I’m not kidding. Check it out here.


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Image: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)