July 21, 2011

Oh yah, you betcha!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I worked at a small, natural beauty company in the suburbs of Minneapolis. And while the job offer came at the most inopportune time (David had JUST moved from Chicago to where I lived in Brooklyn), when else would I have the opportunity, as a graphic designer, to smell Clove Shampoo and Rosemary Mint Conditioner all ding-dong day?!

My time at Aveda was a mixed blessing. The mission of the company was fantastic, an so were the perks! The Walker Museum’s programming back then, as it remains, was progressive, and the real estate was cheap cheap cheap. I never lived so well on so little. On the flip side, the negative wasn’t enduring the cold winters, but the frigid people. And before you get all up in my business, I know not ALL Minnesotans are passive, closed, the-opposite-of-upfront-kind-of-people. But many of the folks I met were. I was unmarried and almost 30. Socializing was hard, and being a New Yorker, even harder.

And yet copywriter Julie Kucinski was a stand-out from the get-go. One tough cookie was the first impression I got, and I was comforted by this feeling of slight intimidation. But soon thereafter her prolific talent and unparalleled wit charmed me to no end. Maybe it was because she took pity on me she took me under her wing, but I felt like I had found my creative partner and go-to buddy. In the 15 years since we first met, after Aveda sold to Estée Lauder, after I quit in a blaze of dramatic glory in the New York offices, and The Coen Brother’s Fargo seemed less humorous to me… we continued our collaboration. Long distance shrank as digital communication expanded. We always called on one another when we needed to round out our teams, push out of our ruts and call each out out on conventional thinking. And to this day, I confidently recommend her for any of our clients, financial to technology, fashion to coaching.

Below are recent examples of copy Julie created for ViewersLike You and our client, Jen Spencer Coaches.


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Images: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)