May 13, 2011

Like & Loves

Viewers Like You is totally motivated and inspired by idea envy. Personally speaking, I get amazingly intimidated by great ideas, and I want that, I WANT to feel intimidated. (And my dirty little secret? I want MY ideas to intimidate in the same way.)

Small and smart details tend to do it for me. For example: a hotel’s choice of amenities is a BIG deal. It speaks volumes and absolutely influences the quality of my stay and positively effects my opinion of the hotel. Holla Ace Hotel and Rudy’s Barbershop.

Another brand that always freaks me out is Anthropologie. The impeccable Lana Lê once gave me a fantastic hostess gift in a simple chipboard box, wrapped in a button embellished ribbon. In all its glory, this box sits in a place of honor on public display in my home. To push the insanity even further, I recently received an Anthro Gift Certificate, which besides being a hit-the-nail-on-the-head choice for me, did not not disappoint in its delivery device.

The images below tell the story. From an industry perspective, it costs Anthropologie a pretty penny to create these, and the sourcing, I am sure, is maddening at times. And really, they don’t have to do this. They could rest on their laurels, send the cute credit card-style certificate in a simple colored envelope. But NO. A canvas notebook, prompting you to jot down your Likes & Loves, hugs itself with a wispy yellow string & button closure. HA! As if I needed another excuse to frequent Anthopologie. My consumer-self is hooked and singing their praises to anyone who will listen. Shoot, I’m even blaahging on-and-on about it.

THIS is smart design. Idea envy, yo! Knowing that spending the time, energy and money necessary to support your brand, in a seemingly tertiary way, is really the best investment? I’m gleefully intimidated. Dually inspired.

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