March 21, 2011

Being Schooled

One of the reasons I love Lana Lê is because her mad baking skills are rivaled only by her illustrative talent. She is a powerhouse and we recently engaged her badass talent for not one, but two clients! Included here are a few examples so you can see for yourself.

I also am also crazy about diacriticals, and lucky duck, her name employs the crown jewel, the circumflex. You’re ready to be schooled?

The circumflex ( ˆ ) is a diacritic used in the written forms of many languages, and is also commonly used in various romanization and transcription schemes. In Vietnamese â /ɐ/, ê /e/, and ô /o/ are higher vowels than a /ɑ/, e /ɛ/, and o /ɔ/. The circumflex can appear together with a tonemark on the same vowel, as in the word Việt Nam. Vowels with circumflex are considered separate letters from the base vowels.

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