Hello hello! I’m so glad you’re here.

Working with Holli was a dream. Her site’s success is a direct result of our stellar rapport—but primarily the audacious attitude she had towards the creation of her revitalized brand. For starters, Holli opted for the Design Concierge engagement we offer. More about that about, below. Having worked at luxury firms that had talented heads of design, she craved a similar situation for herself—someone capable, visionary, and with a strong point of view about what was the next best step for her brand.

As she told me at the beginning, “I dreaming of a designer who will actually get the essence of who I am and deliver what I am trying to bring forth in the world. I don’t want to be asked, ‘What color do you want?’ or ‘Do you like this layout or that?’ That’s a designer’s métier. I have my clients and writing a book to focus on.”

And that is what she got. Freedom to work on HER métier.

I trust you are here because you liked Holli’s site. And you’re curious about me and my studio. Maybe you want us to work together. Excellent. I suggest you begin NOT by scrolling down, but by learning more about our studio’s outlook through our manifesto video. Then go deeper by acquainting yourself with our attitude on the blog. Both of these links will open in a new window, so you wont lose your place here. Go check it out. We also have kind words, a robust portfolio of our past work and more goodness about the studio and the players that make Viewers Like You a “we”.

I’ll be here when you get back. See you soon.


Welcome back!

Frankly, most people don’t need to hire a designer. And possibly that includes you. Ensuring our mutual success is of the utmost importance to me. So we both need to be sure from go that we’re on the same page.

Contributing to shaping your success is ultimately what we do. When you engage Viewers Like You, you are looking for a partner to help you solve a problem. Then, with your goal in mind, we work together to arrive at a solution. If you already have an idea of what your website/logo/packaging should look like, working with us will ultimately frustrate you because we don’t approach your project just as an idea needing to be illustrated.

We also won’t know how to solve your problem right away. Paying attention to your spoken and unspoken needs offers a well-spring of inspiration and opportunities for growth. It takes time and consideration to get there. All projects that Viewers Like You engage in begin with an investigation into the experiences you are currently having (or not) with your brand. From here, we can identify untapped opportunities and wiggle into your un-met needs in new ways. THEN we can begin to play with the shape and form they will take.

And along the way there will be a few sticking points. Yup, things may get heated, and that’s okay. It comes with the territory of working with a studio that is as passionate about what we’re doing as you are. If you never felt moved out of your comfort zone, it means we haven’t propelled you forward. We also thrive on your pushing us to new heights. We’re skilled at using your feedback to get us further down the road.

You still with me? Great.

Another way to be sure that we’re a good fit is for you to better understand the framework in which we work. Viewers Like You has established a proprietary 5 Pillar Approach to design. Ours is an unconventional designer-client relationship that sets the stage for your wild satisfaction, your continued evolution, and the long-term success of your business. Definitely check it out. Also, if you didn’t already, our Blog is an excellent ways to learn more about us, as is our Manifesto and Kudos pages. Again, go play around the site before you continue on. Then do come back and read about our engagements.


Our Engagements

As you might have gathered from poking around our site, creating a resonate brand requires more than just a new positioning statement, website and a PMS color-palette. To get to where you want to go, you need to skillfully navigate the many shifts that happen over time. Your opportunities are ever-changing, and need to be uncovered at every turn. That’s why Viewers Like You supports year-long retainer agreements.

But we get it. Long-term involvement is quite a commitment. This is why Viewers Like You offers 3 levels of engagement. Each of the below were created to meet your needs and to absolutely change your perception of how Design can influence your business.

Minds are blown. Notes are taken. Plans are born. This is Brand Strategy and Design Opportunities experienced through a supportive, thrilling and exploratory month. As your guide, and collaboratively, we’ll establish your brand’s voice, vision and vibe—as well as set a solid foundation for future creative and strategic partners. Our exclusive attention culminates in the delivery of Your Brand Strategy Manual. This digital dossier will fuel the future development of your business and inform the creation of the brand assets necessary to (re)launch your business. It’s a cheat sheet for your chosen designer, photographer and copywriter—or the beginning of our year-long commitment.

This month’s journey and map for your brand’s future is $6500 and includes:

One in-person Brand Strategy and Creation Session
I’ll come to your city (or come to mine, you pick, it’s included) and we jam for 8 hours about your brand or brand-to-be. Aspirational location and nourishing lunch, also, included.

Two follow-up, 30 minute phone sessions where we’ll review, discuss and reveal.

Two MORE follow-up, 30 minutes phone sessions where we’ll dive deeper, find answers, and refine.

Your Brand Strategy Manual
Fueling the future development of your business, this digital dossier will provide you with:
: A full recap of our month’s discoveries (no need to take notes)
: Key messaging including a brand-guiding mission statement
: Typography suggestions
: Photographer suggestions
: Brand Vision & Vibe Mood Board
: A custom-curated list of resources to fuel your brand’s evolution
: An essential playlist, your brand’s very own soundtrack

After Your Brand Strategy Manual is received—together we can determine if Viewers Like You is the right studio to build your brand assets. And because momentum is key to the process, this decision is made within 7-days of delivery.

Is your interest piqued? Click here to let me know.
Please note, our first availability is December 2013.

Face it. Your business cannot take off in real, bank-busting ways when you engage design and branding, piecemeal. You need a seamless, comprehensive vision, and a trusted partner to hold it. Along the way we’ll create logos and websites, art direct photo shoots and develop content for all your communication avenues. These are the tangible morsels that guide and direct your brand’s realization, resonate with your audience and ultimately lead to your wild satisfaction.

After creating your solid foundation during our first quarter together, our shared goal will be to build the arsenal of full-spectrum, cohesive brand assets as outlined in Your Brand Strategy Manual. Alleviating the website from being the only component of your brand working for you—through packaging, printed materials, strategic messaging and beyond—your business will reflect a stronger position in the marketplace by leveraging many avenues in which to succeed and grow.

This robust integration of elements will attract and convert ideal, top-tier, clients who will enthusiastically commit to investing in you—and with you. Plus YOU will be head-over-heels in love with your brand.

This year-long engagement includes:

Three in-person Brand Strategy and Creation Sessions
I’ll come to your city (or come to mine, you pick, it’s included) and we jam for 8 hours about your brand or brand-to-be. Aspirational location and nourishing lunch, also, included.

Your Brand Strategy Manual
Fueling the future development of your business, this digital dossier will provide us with:
: A full recap of our month’s discoveries (no need to take notes)
: Key messaging including a brand-guiding mission statement
: Typography suggestions
: Photographer suggestions
: Brand Vision & Vibe Mood Board
: An essential playlist, your brand’s very own soundtrack

Website Design

Logo Design

Creation and Art Direction for all product and personal photo/video shoots

Complete project management of all printing and web development

Concept, design and production for ALL scheduled projects
Email Newsletter Design & set up, Branded Social Media presence set up & scheduling, E-books, Training Manuals, Digital and Printed Stationary, App Design, Press Kit, Branded computer/iPhone wallpapers, Digital and Print Advertising, Promotional items, Point-of-Sale, Package Design (hang-tags, shipping boxes), Collateral (brochures, flyers, catalogues), Book Design, Trade Show Booth Design, Strategic alignment opportunities, Curating guest contributors for your Blog/Vlog, Copy editing for on-brand messaging (concept not grammar)…and more.

Weekly phone progress meeting

Daily email support and digital check-ins

The 12-month investment into comprehensive and cohesive Creative Direction & Branding for your business begins at $60k.

Sounds sweet? It is. Click here to let me know you’re interested in learning more.
Please note, our first availability is January 2014.

As a client, you may want to see a variety of options from your designer to help you decide. But doing so would be a disservice. By presenting an array of ideas, then a series of rounds to be signed off on, we are inviting reinvention at every turn. Regardless of our best intentions, and contrary to conventional logic, having to choose actually sets the stage for your dissatisfaction. This paradox of choice fascinates me. And is why we created The Design Concierge.

The inspiration for our signature engagement was taken directly from the many conversations I’ve had with friends, colleagues and business owners—not to mention my direct experience as a Designer and Creative Director. Over and over I’d hear that while folks wanted to rebrand, they knew what would be required of them to make it happen would take them away from doing their thing. As much as they loved being involved, and as fantastic their taste was, they recognized they aren’t designers. They wanted more than anything to find someone whose talents they trusted, who would show up consistently and take the initiative to take care of everything that needed to be taken care of.

I got the message loud and clear: a discontent with the whole design process had set in. And not only from the client angle. My frustration was mounting too. That’s when I began looking into the client-designer relationship like a Design problem. One I wanted to solve, elegantly and strategically.

Why do clients feel like they have to be involved in the process every step of the way? And why do designers loop clients in every step of the way? To what end? The result is a mutual and perpetual state of stress for both designer and client.

The Design Concierge is right for a select few.

: If the idea of working with a designer and programmer, a copywriter and photographer, researching videographers and system software is not how you want to spend your time.

And you’re ready to hand over the reigns to someone who does…

: If the management, coordination and back and forth of domain acquisition, purchasing software, etc.—not to mention paying all the talent to make it work—makes you want to shy away from rebranding altogether.

And you can happily delegate this away…

: If the idea of spending time thinking about “Should the contact info go there or there” will literally break your spirit.

And you want someone in your corner who knows…

Consider The Design Concierge.

What will seal the deal is if you like our past work and trust we’ll obsess over what we deliver to you. If you can feel that in your bones, then we should talk. Your body always knows. So that excitement you are feeling? Check in and see if it’s telling you “Danger! Danger!” or “Holy cow, I want that!” If it’s the latter, continue on…

Imagine participating in an even deeper version of the above, ONE month engagement. Where at month’s end we are 100% clear on likes/dislikes, needs versus wants, your bottom-lines and dream-come-trues. Then based on our month, I take the conversations and create your business’s first point-of-entries: logo, website and stationary system. Your new site and brand goes live at the end of 3 months—and score! you never had to talk to a programmer or printer.

Imagine how luxurious it will feel to commit to your talents/passion/business like never before—knowing you and your brand are understood, being invigorated and exceptionally well cared for.

In addition to your website being up and running, we’ll deliver to you a robust, year-long Brand Plan. The plan will clearly layout your growth opportunities, as well as include a run-down of all brand assets necessary to get you from point A to point B.

The Design Concierge is gifting yourself a functional, strategic, potent, successful and delightful brand.

This engagement is all-inclusive: design, photographers, copywriters, art direction, programming, printing, technical set ups—EVERYTHING–and begins at $35k.

Nice? Nice! Click here and let’s do!
Please note, our first availability is January 2014.