October 22, 2010

Our Secret Weapon

You know when you read something and it flows, when even a technical manual seems to sing. Sure, part of that is good writing, but part of it is a knowledge and application of good typesetting. That is what creates good design. That is David Shields.

David Shields is not only a Principal at Viewers Like You but an Associate Professor of Design at The University of Texas. Communicating solid design thinking extends to both roles, as does his passion for it. When our printers call us up to applaud our clean file delivery, the phone is passed to David for the accolades. Where there are caps that don’t sit well with the lowercase, there is David shrinking them 91.5%. David’s standards manuals are drool-inducing.

Our secret weapon, David Shields.

The devotion he brings to design and typography is indeed boundless. In fact, in addition to teaching and his professional practice, he is the Design Curator of the Rob Roy Kelley American Wood Type Collection. Look at him go. And go and go and… Petcha Kutcha Vol. 8.


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