September 09, 2011


How do you prefer to spend your day? In a quiet space, peppered with the ambient tones of the day, or do you set the tone of your day with a soundtrack? Viewers Like You stands solidly in both camps. We utilize both silence and music to compliment or effect what the day will bring. Because silence IS golden, until it’s not…

Girl Talk’s All Day is always a well-received choice. The A.D.D. quality of his work reminds us to stay playful and agile. And more recently, Motopony has come to our attention. A band built on the gorgeous alchemy of seemingly conflicted sounds inspires contrasts in our work that allow new access into a sea of cluttered resolutions.

This summer the studio was engaged by mass market, hair styling company Goody to inspire their in-house team in their rebrand exploration. A logo exploration was expected, packaging options too. We delivered those, along with Brand Ambassador recommendations and a bevy of (un)conventional media campaigns. What wasn’t expected, but delivered, was a soundtrack.

As a compliment to the visual storyboards we create for our clients, we have begun to create audio mixes that not only inspires the work we are doing, but captures the voice of our clients. We see this as another avenue for identifying a brand’s expression and creating a platform for context. PLUS it’s fun to make a mixed tape!

As much a gift for the client as a beacon for us, putting audio mixes together is a natural extension of—and follow-up to—initial client conversations. Allowing us an alternate sensory experience of the possibilities.

While we house all our client mixes on 8tracks, below are four created thus far*. And just like your registering our blog on your RSS feed, you can follow us on 8tracks. It is a great way to stay looped into what we’re up to, what we’re feelin’, what inspires us.

*Flash Player required. If you are on a mobile device or iPad, click the above “follow us” link to be directed to all our mixes.


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Image: Max Wanger (dot com)