April 18, 2012

You Should Know

You know who I love? Ze Frank. You know what else Sports Racer? Opinions. I have ’em (and strong ones at that) about other things you should know. You know?

My collected “musts” are hidden in a secret place on this site, and I am dolling them out, one at a time, each week. You Should Know is a curated collection (I know, everyone’s a curator!), of what I am currently jumping-for-joy about.

Well…you should know about Ze. I’ve loved him for a long time. No, not that way. In 2006 he had a daily online program “The Show with Ze Frank” that ran EXACTLY a year. Despite it’s wild success. It was fun fun good times (full of wit and delight). And now after a killer Kickstarter campaign he’s come out of retirement. It’s same same, but different. So run, don’t walk, to his new show here.

And return often.

As often as you should return to You Should Know.

Unless he starts posting daily again, cause I’m sticking to my one “Should”, every Tuesday schedule.