March 20, 2012

What are we doing?

The studio is in major creation mode these days, not only for our clients but for ourselves. Final products, the design-stuffs that fills our portfolio and blog posts, is not where we are at. But things are a brewing, including the creation of a mini-documentary about Viewers Like You.

Presently, we’re collaborating with DC-based Vs The Brain on a film that will tell the Viewers Like You story. Production begins next month and no doubt our purpose will be elegantly infused with their mad skills. And soon thereafter the blog will be populated again with the results of ALL that is stirring.

What else are we up too?

Later this month we will be joining Kinfolk Magazine in their Austin dinner series. This intimate evening is bound to inspire. I mean, ga, check this out. And in that indescribable way like-things attract, Kinfolk too worked with Vs The Brain for their filmmaking needs. We are in great company.

Separate from our similar preference for filmmakers, we feel a special affinity with Kinfolk. In their words: “The Kinfolk dinner series is about inviting people to gather and take advantage of the rich community that already exists around them opening up and drawing close to the people that share a common place. We aim to encourage collaboration amidst local artisans and small businesses.”

The result of the VS/Kinfolk partnership can be found here.
More about Kinfolk here.