February 19, 2011

Right Now

Understatedly powerful, the TEDxAustin 2011: Right Now print collateral system was driven by intersecting ‘smart’ and ‘delightful.’

Understanding the complexity of an all-volunteer production and creating a system that evoked the authority of the TEDx brand, while remaining flexible enough to manage the unexpected, was our top priority.

Rethinking the attendee experience through the print materials fueled our design process. The compact program packet was created to acknowledge the attendee’s needs throughout the event, all the while removing the business-as-usual visual detritus so often provided at conferences.

The typical material overage produced during the printing process was also taken into account, removed from the waste-stream and reintroduced into the final printed artifacts. Partnering with CC West Printing, we made use of the print ‘make-readies’ usually slotted for the recycling bin, by usefully collating them back into the events notepads.

Yup. Ephemera. Brainy and thrilling, just like TED.