Introducing Maharal 
Introducing: MAHARAL

The East Grace Street House Concert Series is a collection of intimate performances at our home—in our backyard, actually. Musicians play under the shade of trees. You get comfortable, relax and enjoy the music. Or break out in spontaneous dance. I probably will, it’s all good.

We are thrilled to present, MAHARAL.
Saturday, August 16th
Doors open 7:30pm, performance begins at 8
Attendance is limited to 30 people
$20 per person
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MAHARAL is the combined dance and music musings of Damion Bond and Brett Zwerdling. MAHARAL’s old world, future funk feel is known for its dramatic and moving work. A combination of original music, dance, storytelling, wit, history, and theatre create a truly unique concert experience. Additionally, Brett will perform on the world’s first and only double-neck flat-back Turkish lute (saz) and Damion performing with a massive Turkish bass drum (davul) and sacred Tibetan singing bowls.

I personally know Damion and Brett, and trust this concert will be a transcendental, mind-blowing experience.

You can learn more about MAHARAL, here.

Damion is sprung from a land of wonder and mystery, This Illustrious Muse lightly steps into this world to invoke joy and marvel. Magick drips from the edges of her form, an intoxicating elixir offering each humble drinker abundance of pleasure. She is a fusion of modern dance and tribal infused belly dancing gypsy, fan, fire bowls, rope dance and cape manipulating burlesque. Her mission in life – Onward, upward, and inward revelations. On the earthly plane she is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Sound Healing Practitioner and is a nationally recognized teacher of Thai healing practices and Reiki (through NCBTMB). She runs a school for healing called Woven Body Healing Arts Her performance video resource is youtube: illustrious muse.

Brett begins his music with an emotional concept, and develops it through the story that is being told. Whether his music is beautiful or intense; melodic or dissonant; it will convey an emotion, tell a story, and briefly allow the listener to resonate on a different plane. Brett believes emotions are extensions of the soul and music is one of the purest manifestations of emotion. Its vibrations reach us and affect us on a primordial level, as we all still resonate in some way that is related to the Great Beginning. Music makes us laugh, cry, and sometimes elevates us to places we never thought we could go.
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After you reserve your spot, I’ll reply in 2 days with details about location and how to get here. In the meantime, hop over here for answers to popular questions. Any additional inquiries not addressed there can be sent to me at viewers@viewers-like-you.