So glad you’re here.

Our home is most alive when filled with friends and friends-to-be. That’s where the idea for East Grace Street was born. Hosting intimate concerts sets the stage for spectacular, independent musicians to bring their talents to our friends and acquaintances. This is exactly how we want to spend our summer evenings, and welcome you to join us.

We offer all the musicians an opportunity to explore, push their edges or just do their already fab thing. We’ve personally invited a variety of performers we’re sincerely interested in—and think you’ll be jazzed about, too. And this isn’t a profit center for us—all ticket sales go directly to the performers. The desired effect is that it just feels goods for everyone involved.

And now, the requisite Q+A:

What is a House Concert
A house concert is just that, a concert at our house. Well, in our backyard, actually. Musicians play under the shade of trees. You BYO and get comfortable. Relax, enjoy the music, and hang with friends, old and new. A house concert is a great way to see talented, renowned (and up-and-coming) artists in a private, intimate setting.
What should I bring
» A chair or blanket
» Bug spray
» Something to drink
» Friends
» Money for artist donations, hot dogs, artist CDs/t-shirts
How much is a show
The price varies per artist but usually it’ll be $20 per person. People under 17 years old, including babes in arms, are gratis. 100% of your ticket sale goes to the artists.
How do I reserve my spot
As soon as a show is featured, you can buy your ticket. Links for future shows are found here. When a show is sold out, you will be unable to purchase.
What about refunds
Since we’re really committed to keeping this a low-impact endeavor for ourselves, we cannot offer refunds. However, tickets are transferable to friends. A friend of yours is a friend of ours! We’ll just need to know the change so they’re accounted for on our list. Let me know, here. Their name and email address will square this away.
What if it rains
Yup. Totally possible. When in doubt, return to your concert’s main page. I’ll update there. If I have your email, I’ll get in touch that way as well. Basically, no news is good news. The show will go on.

If we’re rained out, we’ll reschedule as soon as we can—or if you prefer, your ticket can be applied to a future concert. I loathe to get into the refund business, so this is the policy until it doesn’t work anymore. Sounds good? Great. Pray for clear skies.
Where are you on East Grace Street
We’re in Church Hill. The exact address will be sent once you purchase your ticket(s). With the address will come a map and anything else that we think you’d like to know. And be sure to introduce yourself when you get here. We like making new friends.
House Rules
Don’t mind if I do
We want everyone to have a great time, AND this is our home, so kindly:
» Respect the musician, those around you and our property
» Children are welcome, and note the above rule
» No smoking, please
» No dogs, grrrrr
» Pick up your trash, duh
» Be a charming guest, ahhhh
Who are we
Jennifer Elsner and David Shields

You can learn a bit about us if you poke around this website, but you might also like to know… we moved from Austin to Richmond in 2012 and fell trulymadlydeeply for Church Hill. When we renovated our house, we designed it to be a place for friends to come by and hang for a little—share a drink, some food, conversation and music. Our experiences in Austin with house concerts remain cherished, magical times. They are missed almost as much as breakfast tacos and BBQ. So, while we can’t recreate the Q (and sorry, Richmond’s tacos don’t hold a candle), we CAN come together and experience music, under the summer sky.
How can I get in touch with you
If you’re a performer, I’d love to hear from you. OR, for any reason you want to get in touch, email is a surefire way. You can find me, Jennifer, here.