February 12, 2012

Link with Love

I have spent the better part of the day going through this blog’s archive to make sure every image has been attributed correctly. I have a bit more digging to do before I feel 1000% kosher. And no, 100% isn’t enough, this is important stuff.

I’m talking walking the walk.

I’ve been a fan of Link with Love—a most excellent organization that advocates for intellectual property rights—for a while now, then just this week I advised a friend about this very issue. Skip to the very next day where I stumbled upon the flowchart below…well, that’s enough of a prompt for me. Though my heart was in the right place was I actually supporting the proper way to share art, photography, design, words, etc. in the digi-verse?

Are you?

Viewers Like You believes whole-heartedly in, and makes all efforts to, credit the creators who’ve conspired to create the images that have inspired (and support) our posts. However, I am human, which sometimes includes exhibiting absent-minded behaviors. It also means I can be precise, obsessed and passionate, so if at any time you see work that is improperly recognized or you know the original source, send me a note and I’ll gladly/promptly/faithfully, update/correct/attribute accordingly.


OH, and PS. Same goes for typefaces, but I’ll save explaining why we pay for all fonts used, and require our clients to do the same, for a future post. Until then…spread the (linking) love!


Image/Design: Pia Jane Bijkerk & Erin Lochner