July 04, 2012

Good Impressions

It’s plain ‘ol foolish to claim ‘print is dead’ especially with the interest in letterpress so pervasive—and coveted. (And who doesn’t love a great book cover?) There is no better way to elicit an audible gasp, than passing a business card, on heavy weight stock, sculpted with an imprint. Add painted edges and they’re smitten.

Green with envy kinda lust.

Dr. Jessica Zucker is not your typical Clinical Psychologist. Her vibrant private practice is being buoyed by a growing interest in her research. Speaking engagements and writing opportunities mean more schmoozing. We designed calling cards and a stationary to better reflect her personality: attentive, charming with an unexpected splash of whimsy.

Letterpress is not only a darling choice, but smart. I know I keep beautiful letterpressed stationary items received on my desktop. Making a lasting impression. How is that for marketing?

Wait for it, wait for it…


Images: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)