January 21, 2012

In Tandem

That Ball jar of goodness above? It’s deserves your attention. Inside is the most fantastic ketchup I have ever tried. And I hate ketchup, for the most part. More often than not its cloying, an after-thought, but not this one.

Alex Codlin is the creator of the incomparable condiment and she has been tinkering with, refining and relishing her brew in private for a bit now. But based on the wildly enthusiastic reactions she’s been getting from her friends, myself included, she knows she’s got something special. And she’s gunna give the people what they need!

And so we have arrived. That naked mason jar needs a vehicle in which to drive its supreme contents. A name, a logo but more importantly, a brand. Alex has engaged Viewers Like You for just this reason, to develop her brand. And smart cookie that she is, she began her process by scheduling an In Tandem session with our studio. This way, together, we could get real clear, real inspired and deeply establish a real course of action, BEFORE design directions are considered.

An In Tandem session is similar to the once private, beginning stages of design development Viewers explores with each new project. We’ve formalized our process and opened it up to intimately include the client in a two-day discovery session. Making conceptualizing even more dynamic, strategizing more potent. The secret ingredient here is the client!

With Alex, there was “home”work, brainstorming, collecting, illumination, mistakes and many a tangent—that all conspired to allow us to face true north. A week later we delivered to Alex a dossier that reviewed all we unearthed and created, as well as included a customized and diverse list of resources from the concrete to inspirational.

In Tandem is Viewers Like You, in a nut shell: pragmatics as delight. Never and afterthought or too much of a good thing.


Image: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)