Hello hello! I’m so glad you’re here.
Now let’s get right to it, shall we?

Frankly, most people don’t need to hire a designer. And possibly that includes you. Ensuring our mutual success is of the utmost importance to me. So we both need to be sure from go that we’re on the same page.

Contributing to shaping your success is ultimately what I do. When you engage Viewers Like You, you are looking for a partner to help you solve a problem. Then, with your goal in mind, I work to arrive at a mutually satisfying solution. If you already have an idea of what your website/logo/packaging should look like, working with ‘Viewers’ will ultimately frustrate you because we don’t approach your project just as an idea needing to be illustrated.

I also won’t know how to solve your problem right away. Paying attention to your spoken and unspoken needs offers a well-spring of inspiration and opportunities for growth. It takes time and consideration to get there. All projects that Viewers Like You engage in begin with an investigation into the experiences you are currently having (or not) with your brand. From here, I can identify untapped opportunities and wiggle into your un-met needs in new ways. THEN I can begin to play with the shape and form they will take.

And along the way there will be a few sticking points. Yup, things may get heated, and that’s okay. It comes with the territory of working with someone that is as passionate about what they’re doing as you are. If you never felt moved out of your comfort zone, it means I haven’t propelled you forward. I also thrive on your pushing us to new heights. I’m skilled at using your feedback to get us further down the road.

You still with me? Great.

Another way to be sure that I’m a good fit is for you, is to better understand the framework in which I work. Viewers Like You has established a proprietary 5 Pillar Approach to design. Ours is an unconventional designer-client relationship that sets the stage for your wild satisfaction, your continued evolution, and the long-term success of your business. Definitely check it out. Also, my Blog is an excellent ways to learn more, as is my Manifesto and Kudos pages. Go play around the site (more) before you reach out. After, you’ll be confident we’re a good fit. Then, and if I’m your person, go here and let me know about your projectideadream.