December 01, 2018

Filling a Void

The Japanese have a long history of incorporating non-Japanese customs into their own traditions (denim, baseball, coffee, jazz…). Christmas is no exception. At the end of World War II, Christmas represented “America” for the Japanese. Images of Christmas celebrations gave a tangible picture of a prosperous modern life in America. In reaction to wartime constraints, postwar expressions of Japanese recovery and self-confidence were born. Even though less than 1% of the population was (is) Christian, the Japanese adopted the Christmas holiday and adapted it to suit their cultural contexts—adding distinctive features not found elsewhere in Christmas customs.


March 22, 2018

Inquiry Pop-up

A salon meets residency meets workshop meets retreat meets dinner party meets 1-on-1 mentorship. It’s none of the above and at the same time all of it. An invitation to Inquiry Pop-up feels familiar enough, and yet like nothing you’ve experience. I’ve been told it’s the answer to an (unconscious) prayer.


November 11, 2017

To the Need

The following 1972 Q&A between Madame Amic and Charles Eames is a timeless, and timely, expression of the Eames Studio’s design approach, philosophy and process.

Oh how it resonates for us. A beacon in fact.


December 15, 2016

A Phrasal Template

Being given only the most basic framework of ingredients and directions in a recipe can be liberating in its imperfectly perfect way. (Think Mark Bittman over Thomas Keller.) Egg nog falls into this category. It doesn’t require technique or advance preparation, and for the most part, much time. Making the concoction of warmed dairy, eggs, sugar, spices and readily available alcohol a delicious act of improvisation.


September 21, 2015

The Bedford

In my ideal world, Design would be properly valued and Designers paid handsomely for their work. However, there are good reasons to work for free. There are also some really terrible reasons, and this chart can help you figure it out.

You want to hear another terrible idea? How about Crowdsourcing. The act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community through an open call, sets me ablaze. However I think I inadvertently participated in the abominable act myself.


March 10, 2015

A Radical Investment

I buy $300 bathing suits.

There, I said it. And while I have no shame around this, I do know that speaking that truth, in most circles–the circles I prefer to marinate in at least–is a radical statement.

When something is a “great deal”, I look askance. Nothing delights me more than paying full price for, well, value!


November 15, 2014

Open the Kimono

‘Open the kimono’ is some dot com jargon that translates roughly as possessing a willingness to share information freely—especially where timidity might currently exist. Like a Japanese wife showing her husband her naked body by opening her… kimono. Douchey? Maybe. And yet apt considering the circumstances here.

Full disclosure, sometimes, projects never see the light of day. And that’s okay. This logo is one of those. It’s been tucked away for 6 months or so, itching to show off. I thought it was time to expose this “fail”. No shame in that. It’s kinda hot, too.

September 08, 2014

The Method

It’s easy to argue about Tracy Anderson. She is “too” (fill in the blank): tan, blonde, thin, confident. She promotes a fitness ideal we either loathe or admire, and debates easily ensue. But nobody argues about if her Method works or not. Because it does.


July 26, 2014

On Compromise

Compromise is thought of, and touted as, a virtue. When negotiating, brainstorming, or presenting concepts, the mutual modification of two opinions is believed to deliver a more successful, satisfying result. I influence you to give way there, you convince me to budge here, and we arrive at our end-product. I say bollocks! I do not believe compromise has any place in the creative process, or in any inter-personal relationship that matters.


March 31, 2014

To Have and Withold

Curation is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Have you noticed it too? Everyone is a curator! I will literally gasp when the careful editing of information is presented to brilliant seduction—I might even applaud. (No joke, ask Chelsea.) But there is something about deliberate withholding that I too, find crazy potent. What you don’t experience being as important and what you do. It’s a subtle difference, collection and omission. I’m grooving on the later.


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