October 17, 2013

A digital win

Call it nostalgia, kickin’ it old-skool or being a femme d’un certain age, but I prefer offset printing to digital. Which doesn’t mean I would universally recommend offset. Many different considerations determine which printing method I choose, such as desired quality, quantity, budget, timing, and size of the printed piece. But still—I dream of offset opportunities.


December 05, 2012

Core Desired Feelings

You want to work with us. You reach out. Then we speak for the first time. In this call you’ll share with me your desire for building a brand and reasons for wanting a new website designed. My interest is piqued. I’m taking copious notes. And respond with the questions: “How do you want to feel?” and “How do you want to work?”


icons for dlp

October 24, 2012

Design Observer

Contrary to what you might think, being in art school doesn’t mean you are immune from pulling all-nighters. This right-of-passage isn’t only for the Bunsen Burner set. Eighteen-year-olds are eighteen-year-olds, regardless of major. I know this firsthand. Freshman Foundation was intense at the Bauhaus-inspired program I attended. Creating objects based on functionalism and simplicity is rigorous stuff. Yes, for real.