February 14, 2012

By Hand

A professional practice we employ is to stay aware of our Design Obsessions. And from the look of things, Viewers Like You is feeling the power of the hand drawn.

The above Saint Valentine’s Day card, made for our beloved client Carrie Contey, is not the only place we’ve been feeding our enchantment.

The studio literally just wrapped up an identity system for the Austin Office of Sustainability’s Rethink brand. Included with the more formal logo type created is a system of 21 hand drawn (by me) words, that visually juxtapose and emotionally support AOoS’s mission. And despite our highs from the influx of Sharpie off-gassing in the studio, we had enough sense to NOT attempt to execute a custom logo for our client, a Los Angeles-based Psychotherapist. For this we were inspired to hire calligrapher Nancy HowellMore about both of these projects after their official launches.

The hand drawn influx we are experiencing is feeling good.

Even Chelsea got into the act, lending her hand to the lettering project for Carrie’s Valentine’s Day card. For this project, we attempted to capture and equal Ms. Contey’s fondness for the coterie of families that she works with. But knowing Carrie, as lovely as they are, they don’t hold a candle to her affection for them.


Image: Chelsea Fullerton (dot com)