January 02, 2013

5 for 12

“The smaller something is, the harder it is to make, because there’s less room for error.”

I love that quote. It came unexpectedly from Jerry Seinfeld of all people. The best things do. I mean, come unexpectedly. Well, maybe also from Jerry Seinfeld. But I digress. The point being while I’m interested in the “next big thing”, I’m far more inspired by those who cultivate the small, with grace and aplomb. Here I share my 5 biggest smalls from 2012.

1/2012 Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons has the best. job. ever. I admired her work online, but experienced it first hand at BlogShop. Promptly, I arranged a delivery to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. For a day our house was filled with inflatable delight. Sadly, a mix of butter fingers and a rare gust of wind resulted in enjoying the balloon floating away, en l’air. Au revoir red balloon.

2/2012 Intellegentsia on Abbot Kinney still holds a special place in my heart, but my most recent trip to L.A. required a visit to local darling, Handsome Coffee. Having enjoyed a cup or two back in Austin [pulled by the delightful Samantha Jensen], experiencing the shop ever-confirmed Handsome’s dedication to hospitality, accessibility and uncompromising quality. TEAM SMALL!

3/2012 At TEDxAustin, Jason Roberts’ talk blew me away. His rapid-fire presentation not only stopped my breath but illustrated how one (small) person can change the world. One block at a time. His formula? Show up, give it a name, blackmail yourself. Sweet.

4/2012 Its name alone speaks to why Kinfolk made my list: “A Guide for Small Gatherings”. Desiring a lifestyle resource that didn’t yet exist in print or online, Nathan Williams and a few friends set out to create a jewel box of a publication. They continued to express their brand, elegantly, with a dinner series. I was honored to attended the Austin edition and report that Kinfolk, practices what they preach.

5/2012 Not one, but two visits in as many months to the Imogene + Willie flagship store has me, to this day, swooning. Fawning. Singing Carrie & Matt’s praises. What they have created as a business and product can only come from dreaming a big small dream. Small = craft. Small = authorship. Small = enduring satisfaction.


Are you feelin’ it to? The allure of the small? If so, you and I, we might create something “big” together. Reach out and say hello!