The anniversary of the Texans’ triumph over Santa Anna at San
Jacinto found my finances reduced to the last extremity. Was this day to be passed in silence, [though the wheel of Fortune had placed that tyrant at the top and ourselves at the bottom?] No! And though I might have never expected to own another ounce, we would have rejoiced in our country’s triumph; so that last doubloon was devoted to our country’s jubilee.

We purchased seven gallons of vino mascal, and as many of ass’s milk, thirty dozen eggs, a large loaf of sugar, and appropriated all our cooking utensils and water jars to the compounding of egg nog; and such egg nog as never before was seen or drank under the nineteenth degree of north latitude.

Colonel Fisher, Captain Reese, and Lieutenant Clarke beat up the eggs; the old sailing-master, Lyon, pounded the sugar, which operation he accompanied with one of his best “yarns;” Dan stood by, and was peculiarly eloquent in singing …”Fill your cups, boys!” was the word; and they did fill them, for many had not tasted “a drop” for months.

“Today we celebrate, and the liberty of our country:” three cheers, and singing ”Will you come to the bower?”