Hello hello! I’m so glad you’re here.

I trust you’re visiting because something in my Second Firsts story spoke to you. Or you’re curious about me and my studio. Maybe you want us to work together? Excellent. I suggest you begin by learning more about my studio’s outlook through our manifesto video. Then go deeper by acquainting yourself with our attitude on the blog. Both of these links will open in a new window, so you wont lose your place. Go check it out. And then come back to this page.

I’ll be here when you’re done. See you soon.


Is your interest is still piqued? Nice.

While our studio is fully committed with design commissions through the end of 2014, one-day and one-month consulting options are available beginning in May. These one-on-one engagements are some of my favorite ways of utilizing design, and not something I advertise. Consults are made available to friends—and friends-of-friends. That’s you! You can read about both options, here.

Be it working together or just connecting, heart-to-heart, I welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to get to know you. So reach out → 5 questions. 5 minutes. And I’ll be back at ya sooner than you’d imagine.



Photo by Anders Lindén