Why, hello there! So glad you’re here.

It goes without saying that your interest has been piqued for Marie Forleo’s B-School. And I bet you’ve gotten the hint that you have options for bonus offerings [hashtag understatement]. But you’re HERE, now, because you want my brain trust focused on you and your business. Well, by all means, you should have that. We should have that. I’ve created an opportunity for us to make it a reality.

The B-School Branding Coterie is designed to round out an already rich B-School experience. This multi-faceted supplement focuses specifically on your business’s design and branding needs. My especiality. It’s crazy robust.

My program focuses on your business’s design and branding needs—my ‘especiality’.

When you sign-up for B-School using my unique affiliate link, here we get to work together via:

→ An “ask me anything” 8-week, full-access pass to my experience with Marie and B-School—via a private Facebook group. Combined with my expertise as a Creative Director and Designer, I’m positioned to to support, clarify and offer fresh perspectives to your experience every day. And you’ll also benefit from 30, top-notch Branding Coterie alumni who are along for the B-School ride again. We’ll also Skype for a few, 1:1, at the onset of the program so I’m looped into your dreams and goals.

→ A private Web Review where I’ll show you strategic opportunities to take advantage of, direct you to delightful aesthetic solutions you wouldn’t have found on your own, and highlight the successful elements currently on your site—as well as the ones getting in your way. Don’t fret if you don’t have a website yet, this bonus is available for up to 3 months after B-School.

And new this year…

→ An additional hour consult up to one year AFTER B-School 2015 ends. You see, I’ve found time and time again, that things shift dramatically in the first year. Knowing that I’m there for you not only during B-School—and to review your website 3 months out—but to also support you after you settle into your new business and are ready to make your next move forward, is major peace of mind. And the very best way I know I can be of service.

Me + Marie. Nice, right?!

So, while my heart and brain will be wrapped around your business for 8 weeks, and you’ll get a fabulous training that will help you start or grow your business, at the same time we get to make a significant contribution to support the need for affordable housing through design-build thinking.

Wanna know if B-School is right for you? Take the time to do your homework:

1) Watch Marie in action and get to know her, here.

2) See what clients and friends have said about my mentorship and consult, here.

3) Read answers to the top 3 questions I get about B-School, here.

4) Make sure your bonus is worth $1000, and includes IN-PERSON time with your mentor, here.

And know YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIGN-UP FOR B-SCHOOL TODAY. You have until March 4th (3pm ET) and there is no prize for being one of the first to sign-up.

My heart and brain are wrapped around your business for eight weeks.

Because I want nothing more than for you to sign up with the person/bonus that you feel will best serve your needs, and because I’ve been part of B-School for 3 years, I personally know many of the folks vying for your attention; call me for a recommendation. Or just call me. You know I’d love hearing from you.

If you want the intimate attention my B-School Branding Coterie offers, you’ll know because you’ll feel it in your bones—the body never lies. And when you’re feelin’ it, sign-up for B-School using → this link ← or any sign up button on this page.

I cannot stress this enough, if you want to be a part of my B-School Branding Coterie you must use my unique link and not wander along the way. Last year one of my girls went though the process using my link—up until the last click. In her excitement she clicked on a link found in Marie’s email and her registration wasn’t attributed to me. Well you can imagine the disappointment. If you are calledreadypsyched for us to work together, use links found on this page to be a part of my B-School Branding Coterie. And, of course, gain access to B-School.

AND… If you want to be extra careful you can clear your cache on your browser, then return to this page and hit any of the sign up buttons. Then, email me to make sure I know you’re in.

You can expect that I will get in touch with you before B-School kicks off (early March) to personally welcome you—and set up our 1:1. If you don’t hear from me, do reach out at viewers@viewers-like-you.com. I want to make sure you’re signed-up, set-up, and ready to go on Monday, March 9th.

In a nutshell, you and I should do B-School together if you’re nodding to one (or both) of the below:

You’ve been wanting my eyes and heart on your business and brand and B-School is just icing on the cake—and will give some structure to our 8-week collaboration.


The prospect of B-School makes you jump for joy, and, my bonus is the perfect complement since you understand the need for personal, expert attention during this comprehensive digital training.

Either way, Marie Forleo’s B-School was the beginning of evolving my business, and life, to become EXACTLY what I wanted. If you haven’t read my B-School story yet, go here.

Photo by Anders Lindén